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Selected Puplications

Gottschlich, C., Huckemann, S. (2014). Separating the Real From the Synthetic: Extended Minutiae Histograms as Fingerprints of Fingerprints. IET Biometrics, 3(4), 291-301.

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Biometrical Feature Identification and Analysis

In our biometrics group, we work on different challenges related to the recognition of humans with help of their biometric characteristics. In particular, we investigate methods for fingerprint idenfication, liveness detection, image enhancement, fingerprint growth modelling as well as on problems concerned with the critical question how to store fingerprint templates securely in databases.

Software-based liveness detection is a suitable countermeasure against presentation attacks by fake fingers made from material like silicon or gelatine. The figure above gives an overview over the computation of convolution comparison patterns (CCP) for liveness detection.