Felix-Bernstein-Institut für Mathematische Statistik in den Biowissenschaften
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The Felix Bernstein Institute for Mathematical Statistics in the Bioscience (FBMS) within the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is coordinating and enhancing the research at the cutting edge of mathematical statistics and biosciences.  

Inspired by the fundamental work of Felix Bernstein (1878 - 1956), who developed original mathematical and statistical methods for practical biological problems, we aim to continue this tradition.  He earned his international renown by discovering and statistically proving the blood group inheritance rules. At the same hand he made significant contributions to the foundations of mathematics (Cantor-Bernstein-Schroeder theorem).   

In 1918, Felix Bernstein founded the Institute for Mathematical Statistics at the Georg-August-Universität, encouraged by David Hilbert. 

The FBMS has been founded in 2014 by Prof. Dr. Axel Munk. Support of the Ministry of Science of Lower Saxony is gratefully acknowledged.


Felix-Bernstein-Institute for Mathematical Statistics
Georg-August University of Goettingen
Team Assistant: Anna Friedrich 
Goldschmidtstrasse 7
37077 Goettingen

Email: fbms@mathematik.uni-goettingen.de